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7 Hollywood Actors who are also Amazing Visual ARTISTS!! You'll be Surprised!

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One creative medium usually lends itself to another, which is why many talented actors, musicians and all-around artists spill their leftover energy onto a blank canvas! Being around a creative environment for a good portion of your life must sway some celebs towards the visual arts and sometimes people are "just born with it"...Whatever the case may be it is always fun to learn that one of your celebrity heroes is also thoroughly emerged in the "visual arts". Also, throughout the course of time it has been observed that dabbling in the visual arts is also a very therapeutic remedy to the stresses that govern our every day.  Being of celebrity status sure comes with its share of stress so for some maybe this was a way of release? There is actually quite an extensive list of known Hollywood-types that are accomplished visual artists.  Often times we will see some of these celebs really pushing hard at a new found career in the arts once they begin to slow down in show-biz. Mainly because they now have the time to focus on an endeavor such as this! 


In looking at some of these celebrity artists you really may be pleasantly surprised with the amount of talent that they have been hiding throughout their onscreen career! Let's jump in the deep-end and take a look at a very diverse grouping of on-screen celebs who are actually very talented visual artists. Some may come as a surprise to you! Let's start things off with "America's favorite big brother", Wally Cleaver! 

TONY DOW: Mr. Dow came on the scene in the 1950s and knocked it out of the park playing the big brother on the oh-so-wholesome Leave it to Beaver... Tony landed the role of "Wally Cleaver" who was Beaver Cleaver's big brother (Beaver was, of course, played by Jerry Mathers). tony grew up in a very creative household with parents who constantly supported everything "artsy".  Tony had expressed an interest in visual arts at a very young age and was always around the arts. As we know Tony was extremely active in show-biz infront of and behind the camera. A couple decades back he started persuing his passion in the world of sculpture. But it was in 2008 that one of his sculptures was entered into an exhibit at the Louvre in Paris and this set him in motion to consider this a full time venture. He really has become quite the amazing sculptor! he primarily works in burl wood and bronze and his pieces have since been displayed in numerous galleries and he continues to work at this new found career with utmost pride and passion! You can see more of his work here:http://




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