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The Best of ROCKY Fan Art: VOLUME 2! Amazing Paintings!

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Also, Fan art is never just limited to the main character! Sure tons and tons of Rocky (Stallone) paintings and drawings are out there but there are so many great recreations and creations of the movie saga as a whole!




And it just wouldn't be the ROCKY series with out our PAULIE!!! Check out these paintings depicting "Burly Burt"!!




From painting to drawing to digital work …there really is some great fan art out in the world. Some of it makes it to the big stage and some of it stays in the artists’ sketchbooks. Like every industry the art world can be tough to break through in so only certain pieces make it to the big table! And now how about a huge step away from realism and photo realism…that would be, caricature…this is a cartoon based theme with emphasis on real life “features” of the subject…What do you think of our ROCKY looking like this?? I think it’s pretty awesome!





It's always fun looking at the huge array of style differences when pop-culture artists take to our favorite movies. The possibilities are truly endless...especially in this day and age where you still see MANY traditional artists hard at work but also the computer graphic designers are really producing some over the top imagery. There is just something so special about the traditional look of hand-created-pieces...don't you think??



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