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Tony Dow Sculpture: The Steps Taken for a PRIVATE COMMISSION!

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When Tony Dow is about to create his next piece there are so many little parts of the process that must be addressed. Tony admits that one of his favorite portions of the whole process is the conceptual phase where the idea is brainstormed and a plan starts to appear...this piece that we are discussing in this article is called "Tower of Power" and it is a private commission for Buddy Hawkins that Tony had been working on for months. This piece in particular is a bronze casting and like all of Tony's bronze work, it started with a wood carving before it was sent off to the foundry.


So how do we get from the conceptual phase to this polished beauty? Let's take a look at the process at the foundry and a little bit of the behind the scenes process. We never will see the full scope of process detail but this opens up the curtains a little bit!





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