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Tony Dow Sculpture: The Steps Taken for a PRIVATE COMMISSION!

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To better understand this process we must take a look at the "Lost Wax Process"... This is a process by which a duplicate metal sculpture (often silver, gold, brass or bronze) is cast from an original sculpture. Dependent on the sculptor's skills, intricate works can be achieved by this method. Though the process today varies from foundry to foundry, the steps used in casting small bronze sculptures are fairly standardized. Casts can be made of the wax model itself, the direct method, or of a wax copy of a model that need not be of wax, the indirect method.



Model-making: This is the part of the process where Tony carves out the inner model, usually using wood. In preparation for the mold.



Moldmaking: A mold is made of the original model or sculpture. The rigid outer molds contain the softer inner mold, which is the exact negative of the original model. Inner molds are usually made of latex, polyurethane rubber or silicone, which is supported by the outer mold. The outer mound can be made from plaster, but can also be made of fiberglass or other materials. Most molds are made of at least two pieces, and a shim with keys is placed between the parts during construction so that the mold can be put back together accurately. If there are long, thin pieces extending out of the model, they are often cut off of the original and molded separately. Sometimes many molds are needed to recreate the original model, especially for large models.TOWER-mold



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