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Tony Dow Sculpture: The Steps Taken for a PRIVATE COMMISSION!

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Wax: Once the mold is finished, molten wax is poured into it and swished around until an even coating, usually about 1⁄8 inch thick, covers the inner surface of the mold. This is repeated until the desired thickness is reached. Another method is to fill the entire mold with molten wax and let it cool until a desired thickness has set on the surface of the mold. After this the rest of the wax is poured out again, the mold is turned upside down and the wax layer is left to cool and harden. With this method it is more difficult to control the overall thickness of the wax layer.




Removal of wax: This hollow wax copy of the original model is removed from the mould. The model-maker may reuse the mold to make multiple copies, limited only by the durability of the mold.

Chasing: Each hollow wax copy is then "chased": a heated metal tool is used to rub out the marks that show the parting line or flashing where the pieces of the mould came together. The wax is dressed to hide any imperfections. The wax now looks like the finished piece. Wax pieces that were molded separately can now be heated and attached; foundries often use registration marks to indicate exactly where they go.


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