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And He Paints! Burt Young Beyond the Big Screen

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Burt Young is best known for his Academy Award-nominated role as Sylvester Stallone’s brother-in-law and best friend Paulie Pennino in the Rocky film series. However, did you know that he is quite the active artist? At the young age of 12 Burt entered a contest with the New York City Park and Rec department and WON a bunch of art supplies! He always had a strong passion towards the arts, even at this young age. Burt likes to explain that his passion for the arts isn't tied down to a certain genre. His artistic flair can be seen through the major avenues of acting, writing and visual arts! While he always had a tender spot for the visual arts it was his writing that really got him "noticed" by industry professionals at a young age. And through his prolific acting career time didn't always allow for painting. But being that he is, shall we say "retired" from acting, the painting has now taken center stage and he has produced an astronomical number of paintings! 




Visiting his studio in Port Washington New York is quite the eye opener! As you step in through the door you are greeted with canvases strewn about...everywhere. It doesn't take very long to realize that Burt is VERY active...actually, very active doesn't even begin to describe his current artistic venture. He finds inspiration and goes with it...a lot of his paintings are inspired by beautiful woman, as Burt himself will tell you. He also likes to visit his geography and pay homage to the places that he has lived over the years. And sometimes he just likes to paint bananas! As you walk around his studio you get a nice glimpse into the heart of soul of his artwork. You see little notes here and there hanging on the walls...inspirational quotes and passages from his family. The walls, floors and surfaces are covered with artwork. It really is a spectacle to behold and you gain a new appreciation for his passion and really get the sense that this guy is the real deal! After appearing in nearly 200 movies he now gives us this piece of himself...truly a wonder Burt...




Also, he is a painter whose art has been displayed in galleries throughout the world! Burt was a pro boxer (pre ROCKY!) so a lot of his paintings have a boxing theme. Burt has always had an interest in the arts but his heavy acting career, which features an AMAZING filmography, naturally came first... now he devotes most of his time to his artwork and it is quite impressive! He is currently represented by Silver Screen Artists ( and has already exhibited with some other celebrity artists such as Tony Dow (TV's Wally Cleaver), Billy Dee Williams, Ferdie Pacheco, Eve Plumb (Jan from the Brady Bunch!) and more! Keep in touch with Silver Screen Artists to stay up to date with Burt and his amazing artistic will be glad that you did!




As stated before, Boxing is often represented in his paintings... did you know that he is great friends (in "real" life) with many professional boxers including the great Antonio Tarver! He is often seen at these matches... I think he wants to jump in the corner sometimes... While a lot of people may almost "expect" his paintings to contain a boxing theme it certainly is not the major contributing factor to his work. If I had to pick one word that described the subject matter found within the majority of his artwork I would have to choose: LIFE. Life is pretty well represented as you bounce around from piece to piece in his studio. Even the coffee table next to his couch (in his studio) is adorned with sketches and ideas...a true artist at work. Always thinking, always creating!


BURT-boxingPNTG it goes beyond boxing, way beyond! He has stated that this piece, "Trees" is a reference to his mother... the perspective and overall composition in this piece is dazzling. His bold color choices really exemplifies his style... You see a lot of this style while bouncing around his studio. His eyes are clearly drawn to bold color and shapes. While there is still a consistent blend to his color palette the bold color choices are really part of what draws you in. He certainly is not afraid to venture outside of the box labeled tradition and try new things. You can tell just by looking at his paintings that he not only loves the imagery but he thoroughly enjoys the process. You can almost feel a child at a playground when viewing his work. Really, that what it is all about! Gorgeous work Burt!!




"Trees" - Size: 12″ x 16″

Burt's subject matter covers a lot of areas... this is a great piece honoring the men and women of the Armed Forces. Before Burt was a professional boxer (who never lost a fight!) he served in the Marines! Come on! Can he get any more amazing ? Marines--pro boxer--brilliant actor--amazing artist!! What a prolific career and he just keeps getting better!! And he really is a humble guy on top of all of this! He is the type who will stop what he is doing and really take the time to sit with you one-on-one and have a solid talk. There is absolutely NO celebrity flair about him...he maintains a plain Joe attitude and this is pretty amazing considering all that he has accomplished and continues to accomplish!




"Our Heroes" - Acrylic on Canvas 36″ x 36″

Burt put out a book featuring his artwork... you can get it at ( ...Awesome Stuff! There is also signed memorabilia, prints shirts etc... Check it out!! Also this is where you can view his most current paintings! It's pretty amazing that you can attain a Burt Young original painting with a click of the mouse! His work is truly stunning! Again, We tip our hats to you Burt!




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