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Fan Art from the ROCKY Film series! Awesome stuff here!

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As one of the most iconic and “rewatched” movie series over the past bunch of decades the ROCKY Film series has pop culture enthusiasts still running full throttle as we sit in 2016. Whenever something as EPIC as Rocky comes along the “fan art” associated with the said entity thrives! Many of these pieces even step way beyond fan art…they are just flat out awesome! Let’s look at some of the greatest examples of “ROCKY Fan Art” over the decades!



Artists of all walks enter into the arena when something like ROCKY hits the map…in the later decades we started to see more and more computer generated artwork but most (if not all) of the work from decades ago were done by hand…by passion!

Check out this piece by Sam Lim…nice work!



Collectors have seen so many different styles of work come down the pike as well. We’ve seen everything from photo-realistic portraits to gestural line drawings…but they all BREATHE Rocky!  Sometimes artists like to depict their favorite scene or favorite character… This piece was found on and was done by Dario Rivera…A great example of varying styles!




A change in direction would be to look at a more realism based portrait of Rocky…this piece was done by Ben W on (benw99)…Great use of lighting and color in this piece!



Also, Fan art is never just limited to the main character! Sure tons and tons of Rocky (Stallone) paintings and drawings are out there but there are so many great recreations and creations of the movie saga as a whole! This awesome poster was created by artist Vincent Tanguay … this is an excellent example of fan art encompassing the whole feeling of the film series…great work!




From painting to drawing to digital work …there really is some great fan art out in the world. Some of it makes it to the big stage and some of it stays in the artists’ sketchbooks. Like every industry the art world can be tough to break through in so only certain pieces make it to the big table! Check out this piece…different approach, eh?

“Rocky III” – Silkscreen Movie Poster by Matt Taylor




And now how about a huge step away from realism and photo realism…that would be, caricature…this is a cartoon based theme with emphasis on real life “features” of the subject…What do you think of our ROCKY looking like this?? I think it’s pretty awesome! This piece was created by  Rich Conley (Rico3244 on



Rocky Balboa by How about some of the more famous artists out there selling their wares to the world?? This awesome piece “Rocky Balboa” was done by the AMAZING LeRoy Neiman…The colorful style really sets Neiman’s work apart from many artists…Neiman was also a good friend of Dr. Ferdie Pacheco who was Muhammad Ali’s personal physician!





OK, one more…This is another great example of how a break from traditional art styles has a huge market…check out this montage style poster…So cool right!?  Rocky IV – “Constructivist Pugilist Manifest No. 4” –    by Anthony Petrie



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