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Rocky's Paulie Pennino is an Amazing Artist! Check out Burt Young's Paintings!

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Paulie! You painted that?


Burt Young is best known for his Academy Award-nominated role as Sylvester Stallone’s brother-in-law and best friend Paulie Pennino in the Rocky film series. However, did you know that he is quite the active artist? He is a painter whose art has been displayed in galleries throughout the world! Burt was a pro boxer (pre ROCKY!) and never lost a fight! Pretty impressive if you ask me! After boxing he went on to acting and has quite the amazing filmography but certainly is very well remembered for his parts in  the ROCKY movies... so, big surprise,  a lot of his paintings have a boxing theme. Burt has always had an interest in the arts but his heavy acting career naturally came he devotes most of his time to his artwork and it is quite impressive!



Burt won some art supplies from the New York City Park and Rec Dept. when he was just 12 years old. Right away he jumped in to painting at this young age. It had always been a passion but he was on to bigger things! Fast forward to 2016...As stated before, Boxing is often represented in his paintings...did you know that he is great friends (in "real" life) with many professional boxers including the great Antonio Tarver?! He is often seen at these matches...I think he wants to jump in the corner sometimes...Paulie Isn't dead!!!




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