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...AAAAADRIAN!! Spotlight on Talia Shire from the Rocky Films!

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Talia Shire won the academy award for best actress for the role of Adrian Balboa, the wife of Rocky Balboa, and sister of Paulie Pennino In the pop culture's history maker, The Rocky Film series...


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But she almost didn't play Adrian... Some last minute decisions led to her landing the role. Let's get to know a little more about Talia Shire....

So let's look at the life of Talia... She has a lot of fame in her bloodline! Some of which you may find very fascinating! It may come as no surprise that her charisma is sparkling on screen when you take her bloodline into consideration!




Shire was born in Lake Success, New York, the daughter of Italian arranger/writer Carmine Coppola (1910-1991). Her parents were both of Italian background. Talia is the sister of the world renowned film maker Francis Ford Coppola and the scholar August Coppola! She is also the close relative of Hollywood legend Nicolas Cage and chief Sofia Coppola, and the niece of arranger and conductor Anton Coppola.




Shire has five children. Her child Matthew Orlando Shire is from her first marriage to writer David Shire. Her other children, performing artists/artists Jason and Robert, are from her second marriage, to the late film maker Jack Schwartzman. She likewise has two stepchildren by her second marriage, Schwartzman's first marriage.

Shire played Connie Corleone in The Godfather. She was up for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 1974 Classic The GODFATHER: Part II. In 1976, she depicted Adrian Pennino, the affectionate enthusiast of Rocky Balboa in Rocky. And this, many say, was her defining role!




For this part, she won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actress, the National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actress, and was assigned for a Best Actress Oscar. Notwithstanding the Rocky films, Shire showed up in such movies as Kiss the Bride (2002), I Heart Huckabees (2004), and Homo Erectus (2007).




But before we move onto ROCKY there is something that you need to know... maybe you already know this... BUT... The original part of "Adrian" almost went to Susan Sarandon but it was said that she was "too pretty"! Also up for the role of Adrian was Cher! Can imagine... Cher!

So, yeah, there was this movie called Rocky... maybe you've seen it !




She was the modest spouse of two-time heavyweight champion Rocky Balboa, and the more youthful sister of Paulie Pennino. She began working in a pet shop, where Rocky would visit often for his turtles. The two were brought into a relationship by her sibling, Paulie.

They went to an ice arena on Thanksgiving Day where Rocky taught her about his fighting style. She asked him for what reason he needed to fight, and he said that his dad let him know he had no brains, and ought to build up his body. Adrian was amazed, as her mom said that she wasn't quite a bit of a body individual and ought to build up her mind. In Rocky II, after his battle with Apollo Creed, Rocky proposed to Adrian and the couple were hitched on February 8, 1976.




In March 1976, Adrian discovered she was pregnant yet she didn't take care of herself especially well - she backpedaled to the pet shop and exhausted. This prompted her breaking down in the shop, and her infant kid being conveyed a month rashly. Adrian went into a state of extreme lethargy for a week - on waking, she discovered Rocky on her bedside and the couple saw their child interestingly. Adrian proposed that the infant ought to be named after his father; Robert Balboa, Jr.

After Rocky's prosperity, the two put in nine years living in houses and seeing Robert do well in school, yet in Rocky V, Paulie incidentally has Rocky and Adrian give their bookkeeper force of lawyer. The bookkeeper accordingly embezzles the Balboas' cash in a lodging arrangement that turns sour, costing the Balboas their fortune and basically the greater part of their advantages.




They did a reversal to Paulie's old house in South Philadelphia, where Adrian came back to the pet shop. In fall 2001, Adrian found her health was slipping due to ovarian growth. She experienced chemotherapy, yet it was insufficient to spare her. She died, January 11, 2002 with her family close by, age 51.




In Rocky Balboa, Rocky names his eatery after her. Which in real life is Victor's Cafe in Philadelphia! On the walls of this iconic Philly eatery you will find pics of Adrian and Rocky! Rocky Tour anyone?

And as they say... let's go the video! This of course is quite the EPIC moment in the film series... so much heart, emotion and grit! This gives the goosebumps and swells thw eyes with tears! "...ADRIAAAAN!!!"

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