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Miles Jergens from the ROCKY Films! The Extensive Career of Thayer David...

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Here we see another grand example of how Sylvester Stallone really knew what he was doing when it came time for casting the array of roles in the ROCKY films...The amazing  (and HUGE) list of supporting actors throughout the decades is nothing short of sensational! Really, in order for a movie series to continue as a dominant force it has to run much deeper than just a handful of All-stars...The attention to detail is what the true cinema enthusiasts are looking for and it is just this little tid-bit that keeps the fans intrigued. So let's dig a little deeper into the cast-list of ROCKY...take a look at the life of the super talented Thayer David! In the movie,  Miles Jergens is a successful boxing promoter who oversees Apollo Creed's fights. After Apollo proposes to fight a local contender for his United States Bicentennial match, Jergens invites Rocky to his office to secure a deal for the main event.





When Rocky goes in the gym, Mickey says that there is a Miles Jergens waiting for him. When Rocky meets him, he addresses himself as George Jergens. Creeds promoter is referred to as Miles Jergens throughout the film, but when he meets Rocky in his office to offer him the fight, he introduces himself as George. (Miles is a nickname)


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