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Dennis Rodman: 10 of his MOST BOLD Outfits Revealed!

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Well folks, we have reached 2016 and we are about to venture into 2017. This has been quite a memorable year marked by an election that will surely be in the history books...and quite possibly for all of the wrong reasons! Point is, we live in a day and age where we are encouraged to stand up and be ourselves but nine times out of ten we are offending somebody for this certain stand we take. Originality and individuality are two concepts that used to be challenging for the fear of anything different used to make the masses all act a certain way and adhere to a certain code. We were heading down a path in time where that concept had been challenged enough to where it was more socially "accepted" to stand up and stand out! We were, as a society, learning how to break the mold of normal and we were accepting new and innovative ideas...not only "accepting" them but embracing them! Then something happened. This notion of "everything offends someone" started to really take over. This was a mark in time that really started to set us back in motion. The earned progress was dwindling and the turtle was reverting to its shell. But this notion certainly has not called an end to individuality and originality. It just makes us call it out a little more frequently. Personally, I stand up and applaud anybody who has the courage to stand up and be themselves. Do the clothes make the man? Does a certain hairstyle govern your bank account? Do the color of your shoes tell us how many close friends you have? No, the answer is no. Many celebrities spend a lot of time under microscopes being fine-tuned by the eye of the public. Basically they cannot even go buy a cup of coffee without their shirt and shoes being closely scrutinized. Have you ever had that moment when you realized that you needed milk so you just sort of ran out to the store dressed in your weekend gear? Now imagine swarms of photographers documenting this trip to the convenient store. They see you in that dirty sweatshirt in the milk aisle! Oh the HORROR!! So some of these celebs that really like to kick it up a notch and be themselves make sure that if these cameras are going to catch them then ya know what??? They are going to look good!! Again, dare to be different...embrace the horse of a different color. Break the mold of the mundane and find yourself, be yourself and don't judge others for finding themselves and being themselves. One of the best examples out in the celeb circuit would be the oh so vibrant Dennis Rodman. Sure we all know of his dominance on the hardwood by now and realize that he made it into the Hall of Fame for a reason...because numbers don't lie and he, flat out, can play the game! Rodman is no stranger to being bold. He enjoys everything colorful and wears it pretty darn well! Let's take a look at some of his finer moments!

Dennis Rodman simply stated that he "enjoys being bold" and "enjoys color"... Dennis is a one-of-a-kind flavor who defies description or category! His BOLDNESS wasn’t just relegated to the dyed hair and piercings...that's what we all got used to seeing on the court...Let's take it off of the hardwood and look at some of his BEST, most colorful choices of attire, shall we?!



Floral prints...peacock prints...done! The loud colors and mixing of fabrics is part of what makes his outfits so fun to admire. If that smoothie was a little more orange we'd have the perfect accessory! He is a prime example of a celeb who always has cameras chasing him around trying to catch what "Dennis will do next"...So we applaud the fact that he stands up and stands out and is NEVER afraid to be himself...If he is feeling it he will flaunt it!



"The Worm" is no stranger to bringing the fun onto his face...which do you prefer? The elegance of the UNDEAD look or pink ruffles? Either way BOLD IS BEAUTIFUL! Over the decades we have seen many variations of make-up/face-paint on Rodman. Sometimes it's just a beautiful makeup job in a very traditional way...other times you can clearly see that he is having fun!



Halter top with the dropped spaghetti strap...perfect! The pink and black 1950's feather scarf for the win! Not to mention those eyebrows took some work! Sometimes Fab and beautifully bold take time and effort. Either way he knows how to pull the look off.



And, lastly, it is not always about bold and wild colors...Dennis in a wedding dress? Or Dennis is a macabre robe/dress/shawl thingy?? Which do you prefer? Sure the wedding dress photos circulated the internet in a trending fashion and we have all seen this before...but check out that black outfit! Go get it Dennis!!


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