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Dennis Rodman: Bad As I Wanna Be...from Book to Movie!

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Bad As I Wanna Be is a 1996 book that is the first autobiography of NBA player Dennis Rodman and was written during the 1995-96 season when Rodman was a member of the record setting Chicago Bulls team that went on to win the NBA Championship. Tim Keown was Rodman's ghostwriter. The book opens with Rodman recounting an incident during the 1992–93 basketball season...a very personal moment. Throughout the book, in addition to talking about his life and his basketball career Rodman opines about several things.





A wild ride inside the glowing head of Dennis Rodman--the NBA's greatest rebounder and America's most outspoken and outrageous athlete.
When Sports Illustrated put the man they call "America's most provocative athlete" on their cover, they sold more copies than any other issue they had sold in a decade (except the swimsuit issue). Why? Because Dennis Rodman, superstar basketball player who joined the Chicago Bulls for the 1996 season, has more in common with Mick Jagger than with his new teammate Michael Jordan. With his body-covering tattoos and ever-changing fluorescent hair, Rodman's sideline antics and celebrated benchings have captivated sports fans as much as his record-breaking on-court performances and earned him a reputation as a rebel with the same penchant for shocking behavior. In "Bad As I Wanna Be he shares his surprising and candid opinions on everything from fame, money, and race relations, to sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll--and he talks about his life, from going to prison for stealing watches to his daughter, the light of his life.
At a time when most celebrities and professional athletes try to control their public personas like politicians and refrain from expressing their true beliefs, Dennis Rodman is a refreshingly unique, uncompromising individual who both transcends his world and refuses to conform to it. "Bad As I Wanna Be" is as candid, intriguing, and unforgettable as he is.





In the tell-all autobiography by pro basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman, he talks about his troubled childhood growing up in Trenton, NJ. He wasn't much for school or sports, not getting serious with playing basketball until he grew a lot after his senior year of high school. He needed to go to Cooke County Junior College in Texas before qualifying to play at the NCAA level at Southeastern Oklahoma State. Rodman got drafted in the second round by the Detroit Pistons where he flourished under coach Chuck Daly's defensive system and Detroit's bruising style of play. He took pride in playing hard and doing the dirty work of rebounding. He is candid in his criticism of many of the stars he played with and against in the NBA, particularly David Robinson while in San Antonio.




He mentions the collapse of his relationship with the mother of his child and his daughter Alexis born in 1989 who means the world to him. He talks about drug use and his whirlwind relationship with Madonna, specifically the sexual demands she placed upon him. Rodman is very comfortable with who he is and his sexuality, although many of his altercations with the law, the NBA, players, fans, etc. may reveal comfort is one thing, unbalanced behavior is another. The Worm, as he was called, is an enigmatic character even by today's sports personalities. He could easily be dismissed as a fluke or publicity stunt gone wrong but the guy could play, mastering the art of rebounding the basketball, and was a major component of 5 NBA championship teams.




Bad As I Wanna Be went on to become a TV movie starring Dwayne Adway as Dennis Rodman! The Sports Biopic is a chronicle of the life of NBA superstar Dennis Rodman, from his troubled beginnings in Dallas, Texas, through his college years in Oklahoma and subsequent vault into the NBA spotlight. Based on Rodman's autobiography.

Director: Jean de Segonzac
Writers: John Miglis, Gar Anthony Haywood, Dennis Rodman
Stars: Dennis Rodman, Dwayne Adway, John Terry

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