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Leave it to Beaver QUIZ: How well do you know WALLY CLEAVER?

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I know what you are thinking: "Another internet quiz...gee whiz!"...well, this is just that but this one is a little different than your average "Leave it to Beaver" quiz because the focus for this entire quiz is on our favorite big brother, Wally.  Tony Dow played older brother Wally on the series from 1957 to 1963 and then again in the 1980s reboot series, "The New Leave it to Beaver"...We won't go into all of the amazing accomplishments of Tony Dow's prolific show-biz career in this piece...nope...we'll get right to the questions! And when you are done with this quiz post your results in the original Facebook post on the official Tony Dow page so he can see the results!




1. Wally once ordered a device that was supposed to:




A. flatten his ears

B. straighten his hair

C. give him bigger muscles

D. change the shape of his nose



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