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LEAVE IT TO BEAVER: Updated info on Jeri Weil, LITB's Judy Hensler!

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It was a different time...a simpler time marked by by quiet the decade was changing from the 1950s to the 1960s.  "Small-town" was a very common theme in the story-telling notebooks whether it be on television or your favorite radio broadcast.  These stories often chronicled the ideal situation of a suburban "normal" life...the ongoing antics of the neighborhood kids...the stickball game in the streets...changing of the bike tires...first crushes and woes of the classroom.  Speaking of classroom antics...who remembers the Beaver's classroom nemesis and goody-goody Judy? Let's take a moment to remember the onscreen charisma that Jeri Weil brought to the LEAVE IT TO BEAVER series as the pig-tailed heckler JUDY HENSLER! Judy was a recurring character that appeared in 31 of the series' 234 episodes between October 1957 and October 1960...but her legacy lives on through the decades for she was a solid character!




Of course, we remember Judy Hensler as being a classmate of the series' title-man, "Beaver" Cleaver. Judy makes her first appearance in the premiere episode, "Beaver Gets 'Spelled", as a student in Miss Canfield's second grade class. Judy is a goody-goody who loves to snitch on her fellow classmates, especially Beaver. In one episode, she believes Beaver is Miss Canfield's "pet" and persuades him to prove her wrong by putting a spring-action snake in the teacher's desk drawer. Naturally, Beaver does and regrets it. Judy plays the piano in "Music Lesson" and this is when we learn here that Judy is a bit older than Beaver.


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