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Leave it to Beaver: Was "Captain Jack" the First show to actually Show a Toilet? Well, sort of...

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Was 'Leave It to Beaver' the first U.S. network television program to show a toilet?

In this day and age, the modern advancement of the television has certainly changed quite significantly over the last half century.  We have countless television networks, THOUSANDS of channels and it can truly be said that if the scenario exists out there in the world chances are it has been seen somewhere on TV. There is little left to disclose...We live in an openly absorbed world that is tilting toward dwindling imaginations! Quite honestly we are not trying to haze a bleak's just the truth!  But us "older" folks (ya know, children of the 80s and earlier!) we can still recall a time where the imagery seen on network TV was quite stifled. Married couples sleeping in the same bed?? Bathroom scenes?? And that is just the tip of the iceberg! 





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