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Rare BEHIND THE SCENE Video from the New Leave it to Beaver!

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As the iconinc American Super-show, Leave it to Beaver, came to a close after the great 234 so many viewers were hungry for more and needed to know what came of our favorite TV family! Luckily, the 1980s provided some answers for us through the inception of the Leave it to Beaver reboot, The New Leave it to Beaver! So this is a special we have a very rare behind the scenes video of "The New Leave it to Beaver"...but this isn't just a quick glimpse behind the camera. Nope! This features all of your favorites and interviews galore! Some raw acting scenes, Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers, Barbara Billingsley, Ken Osmond and more! But first, do you even remember the 1980s reboot of our favorite sitcom family?





The New Leave It to Beaver (also known as Still the Beaver) was a sitcom sequel to the 1950s and 1960s series, Leave It to Beaver. The series began with the 1983 reunion television movie Still the Beaver, that aired on CBS in March 1983. The success of the television movie prompted the creation of a revival series, also titled Still the Beaver, that aired on the Disney Channel from 1984 to 1985. In 1986, the series was picked up by TBS where it aired until June 1989...


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