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Wally and the Beaver: Linda and Julie, Love Interests or Smelly Old Apes?

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The Leave it to Beaver Era:

When "going steady" was a thing...


As your typical "Anytown USA" family the Cleavers certainly dealt with all of the usual batches of "daily situation"...and this surely reached down to the teenage drama! The issue of teens and dating is a never ending source for drama! So let's look at both of the boys...and their...ummm...girl friends! Let's jump right in shall we?? Linda was the daughter of Charlie Dennison and she was introduced as the "new girl" in Beaver's 2nd grade class in the episode "Party Invitation." The Dennisons live 'just a couple of blocks' away from the Cleaver house. Linda was played by adorable Patty Turner and had one sister. She also made appearances in "Beaver And Poncho", "Beaver's Poster", "Ward's Problem" and "Her Idol" where she sits in a tree with the Beaver and the rest of the kids tease the Beav saying that he "is sweet" on to show them that this isn't the case the Beaver calls Linda "a smelly old ape"! Oh hurtful 50s banter... In the "School Sweater" episode Beaver claims that Linda is the only girl he ever liked! Sooooo...yeah!





Patricia was just seven years old when she started making appearances on Leave it to Beaver. In addition to role on Leave It To Beaver, she also appeared in Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments at the young age of 6, and she was in a bunch of early commercials through her teenage years. When working on The Ten Commandments, Patty states that she and all of the other kids in the film had to stand on table tops in order to have their makeup applied making it easier for the makeup tech's to do their jobs...funny, the memories we retain!





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