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Paulie being Paulie! Some ROCKY Quotes as only Paulie can Deliver!

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This is among the best one-liners in the whole film series!

Paulie: "I want you outta here instamatically!"




Rocky Balboa: Hey, watch your mouth, Paulie.

Paulie: What? You gonna whack me? I don't sweat you. I don't sweat you!

Rocky Balboa: Come on, Paulie, why don't you screw your head on right.

Paulie: My head? You're freakin' head's the one's on wrong.

Rocky Balboa: Me? What'd I do?

Paulie: You? Nothin'! You get your face all fixed up. Handsome. Nice clothes. What'd you do for Paulie, anything? This! You give me a lousy, stinkin' ex-lax watch. There! (Such an awesome clip!) 




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