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Paulie being Paulie! Some ROCKY Quotes as only Paulie can Deliver!

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This one is short and sweet but a zinger just the same!!

Apollo Creed: Can he swim?

Paulie: With a name like "Rock"!




Paulie: He says he wants to fight. I told him to get married. Rocky Balboa: Why? Paulie: That's gym humor, Rocko.


Love this quaint little back and forth between Rocky and Paulie!

(Drago has just entered the ring)

Paulie: Uh, Rock, you remember what I said about wantin' to be you?

Rocky: Yeah.

Paulie: Forget it. [exits the ring]

Rocky: Thanks, Paul.

Paulie: [watching as Rocky goes for the knockout] Rocco, knock his head off!



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