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The ROCKY Films get SPOOFED! You Have to see these!!

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The Rocky Film Series is probably one of the most iconic ventures in pop culture history. For decades the movies have continued to win the hearts of audiences around the world and it has surely stood the test of time! So, whenever something achieves Rocky type popularity the jokes and gags come flying out! The spoof reels come storming out and what better way to celebrate a part of cinematic history! Let's examine some of these "spoof reels"! -Our first spoof comes from "Improv Everywhere"...their YouTube channel has some great videos including their Movies in Real Life series...take a look:  


...but wait, there's more!!


  -this is a great short from the "Gorgeous Movie" YouTube channel...they also have tons of great material and upload videos pretty regularly!! This features some awesome kids and leads up to a great fight in the end with some flavor from the first Rocky installment!  






And who remembers this epic segment from the Jimmy Kimmel Show?? "Clubber" is the sequel to CREED!! Whaaaaat??? Too funny, watch as Tracy Morgan, J.K. Simmons and some very special guests tackle the next...uhhhh...installment of Rocky?? Just watch!!



  And last but not least...who can forget this CLASSIC?! Remember the hit show In Living Color?? Well, this is Jim Carey at his finest!! This classic segment has stood the test of time in the spoof circuit and continues to get rave be the judge:  

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