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Jerry Mathers in a Band? Remember this? YOU HAVE TO HEAR THESE SONGS!

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Jerry Mathers Sings?


Sure, he'll forever be our Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver...but...Did you know that Jerry Mathers formed a band with a fellow Leave it to Beaver actor around the time of his high school graduation in 1966? It was shortly after Leave it To Beaver ended and Jerry, along with Richard Correll, form a rock band called “Beaver and the Trappers”! YES! On these recordings Jerry does the guitar work and vocals and Richard plays the drums...The leave it to Beaver duo recorded singles “Happiness Is Having'” b/w “In Misery”, “Don’t Cha Cry”, and “Wind Up Toy”.  Notice that one Wind-Up Toy record has a white label, and the other has a red label.




... the white label was a "promo" that the "rock group" sent to radio stations, and the red label record was the version sold in stores. The A-side of Happiness was written by Jerry and Rich Correll...Rich, of course, played the role of Beaver’s good friend Richard Rickover on Leave It To Beaver...




Rich Correll and an individual credited as R. Kakebeen wrote the B-side “In Misery”. This recording was released on the White Cliffs label (# 236) and was produced by Hugh McFarland and it was distributed by Dover Records, Inc. of New Orleans, La. Jerry once noted that the single “went to number one in both Hawaii and Alaska,” however it never charted on Billboard and was likely simply a local hit. It is unclear whether the band record any other records, however Jerry “Beaver” Mathers put out the single “Wind-Up Toy” b/w “Don’tcha Cry” in 1962 which never charted.


LET'S SPIN THESE RECORDS!! the video. It's 2016...we forgot!

Here's "Wind-Up Toy"...Suing with such attitude!! PRICELESS!!






...check out this "garage sound" from Beaver and the Trappers! AWESOME!!

"Happiness is Havin'"





...and, of course: "Don't Cha Cry" --- Awwwwwwww Beaver!!

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