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Some LEAVE IT TO BEAVER Gems from the Past: From Toys to Teen Mags!

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~There are many toys and board games featuring the classic characters of LITB. You have to wonder, back then, how much involvement the studio and production team actually had? Where was the lines with ownership rights and copyrighted imagery? Did these things exist? Well, we know that they existed but there certainly are a lot of products out there...sort of makes you wonder?




Who remembers the glory days of seeing our favorite family on the covers of publications like TV GUIDE, Teen Magazine Etc...Young reader books, comics and magazines were a very big part of Leave it to Beaver's marketing plan. Keep in mind, the internet didn't exist in this much simpler time... so when people wanted MORE LITB, they opened a book! Imagine That! A BOOK! These are still very fun to thumb through whether we are discussing value or not. Just to see the difference in the writers' approach...the lingo was different and overall framework was a lot different than what sells today. But, again, it was a simpler time and the world wasn't flooded with Google play and iPad driven entertainment! Lest we forget...


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