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Some LEAVE IT TO BEAVER Gems from the Past: From Toys to Teen Mags!

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It really is a never ending marketing highway and basically suppy and demand are at the healm...Once the marketable products start showing a profit you start seeing everything from cereal boxes to party plates to Frisbees to soda cans! And, again, collectors need to complete these collections! A few years back one of these Leave it to Beaver Corn Flakes boxes actually sold for $180.00!! You just have to pray that the buyer didn't open the cereal one late night and chomp on some decades old Corn Flakes...Just Saying!



So, overall, you should probably stop what you are doing right now and start digging through your attics because some of the vintage items that remain out in the world are actually quite sought after by collectors. Who knows, you can be sitting on a gold-mine! I just hope you didn't off it all at your last tag sale! Check out this picture you may already know the good folks at Antenna TV still air the reruns of Leave it to Beaver on a regular basis...They recently sent a pretty sweet care package over to our favorite big brother, Wally Cleaver! Looking good Tony!!






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