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Tony Dow's HAPPY HOLIDAYS Giveaway! Enter to WIN some SIGNED STUFF!

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It's the most wonderful time of the year!!


...and to help you bring in the holiday cheer,

Tony Dow is giving you a chance to be 1 of 2 LUCKY WINNERS!




By now we all love everything Wally Cleaver and Leave it to Beaver in general. There is so much history revolving around the 6 season series that started in much that as we sit in 2016, over half a century later, we still hold it close to our hearts in a way that no other television series has ever done. Or ever will do. It was a breakthrough series at such a pivotal point in time... 234 episodes...Decades upon decades of memories. Of Course, Tony Dow played Wally Cleaver on the show, our "favorite big brother". It didn't stop there for Dow. He continued on with countless roles over the decades in both television series and movies. He even moved behind the camera as a director, producer, writer and special effects supervisor! A true role model in the area of everything Hollywood! But there has been a lot of buzz lately about his artwork.

~Tony has always expressed an interest in the visual arts since childhood. Growing up he always tinkered with different mediums and always had a fondness for sculptural work. Jumping forward to today, in 2016, he has found the time to pursue this passion in more of a "full time" manner. Over the years he has created some dazzling sculptures and even had a piece on display at the world renowned Louvre in Paris! Not too shabby! You don't simply submit to a place like the Louvre and get accepted...quite the accomplishment!


...but wait, what about the giveaway??

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