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Some LEAVE IT TO BEAVER Gems from the Past: From Toys to Teen Mags!

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AHHHHHH The EVER-GROWING passion of collecting  "vintage" memorabilia...this craze has certainly skyrocketted since the inception of such websites as Ebay, Etsy and many more. Classic TV shows, such as Leave it to Beaver, were no strangers to flooding the market with profitable "merchandise" featuring imagery from the show. Many companies jumped on the elusive bandwagon as this new approach to marketing was unveiling itself to the public. Little did some of these companies know, at the time, that they were actually producing little gold nuggets.


Meaning, eventually their marketing wares were going to be highly sought after by collectors from all over the world! Several of these vintage items fetch some pretty high prices at auctions...Well, when you are lucky enough to come across them that is!   Here are some vintage items from the hit show, Leave it to the past we have witnessed some of these items selling pretty high on online auction, what did you have as a kid?? Don't we all wish we still had our precious toys of yester-year?!



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