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A Look into Embracing Self-Identity with DENNIS RODMAN!

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bold (/bōld/):

    adjective 1. (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.

 2.  (of a color or design) having a strong or vivid appearance.


beau·ti·ful (/ˈbyo͞odəfəl/):  

adjective: pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

of a very high standard; excellent


So often we wander down the road of self-discovery and find out along the way that our idea of self-identity may not fully be accepted by those who watch us as we swiftly walk tall and proud of the person we've become. Some find comfort in shaming the presence of what they themselves fail to understand yet turn the corner quickly upon their own path of self-discovery and shake fists at those who fail to see their found vision. Do we let the shaming change this mission of discovery that we are on and choose a more accepted societal path? Do we care about the opinions of those who choose to observe and judge our choices? Have we lost the ability to make choices in confidence...confidence being that we foster the strength to rise above what the onlookers have to say about who we want to be? The ability to covet who we truly are and stand tall amidst these actions is truly a strength that that we must always adhere to...without the notion of self-identity where would we stand? 

Naturally, the details of self-identity are wildly different from person to person...that is why it is called "self" identity. Some may choose to be very vocal about a belief system or choose to spread their word through their actions. Others may find self-expression to be more of a visual device and gear their individuality towards their physical appearance. There really isn't a wrong way to stand up and be yourself, though there surely can be some examples of this scenario that are not “socially accepted”. So where do we, as a society, draw a line? Quite honestly, I don't think that a fine line can be drawn in the sand. Moreover, it is more of a fuzzy squiggle combed into the sand with no clear visual on this side or that side. Often times in the celebrity circuit we see many different types of self-identity and the scrutiny is abundant for many of these people are considered role models. This scrutiny sometimes causes such celebs to go further in to their chosen mechanism and this is where it starts to get entertaining! A great example of a figure in the public spot-light who is truly never afraid to stand up and be himself would be NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman! Oh, so now I have your attention!


Over the past couple of decades Dennis "the Worm" Rodman has certainly been a poster child for the ability to harness the concept of self-identity. We have watched this superstar go through many different phases: both vocally and physically. A bullet point in the life of Dennis Rodman would certainly be that he is NEVER afraid to stand up and be himself...regardless of what the public may think. We bring Rodman to the table in this discussion because he is such a gorgeous example of the ability to proudly embrace the “You that you want to be”.  He has always been one to stand up for what he truly believes in, loudly voice his TRUE opinions and he has never been afraid to jazz up his appearance. How is that for an understatement?  “Jazz up his appearance” you say? Well, as we know, Rodman has been in the public spotlight wearing just about everything and just about nothing…bringing color onto his life’s palette through vividly designed hair-scapes and brilliantly painted nails! Right away the judgement comes storming in when a male celebrity is seen embracing the bold and the beautiful.  People would try to say that he is, indeed, a role model and shouldn’t be donning such extremes and should be setting a better example for our youth. Some of these conclusions, over the years, have been drawn purely on his outward appearance.


What people are failing to realize is that he is actually instilling a pretty important message…that being: never be afraid of whom you are and always embrace the “you that you need to be”.  This overall feeling sets the idea of confidence into motion and eliminates self-doubt. The world needs to step beyond the mundane and realize that every individual has a voice. To stifle your own voice is an attack on yourself and a true downward spiral leading to the destruction of self-worth. Stand tall worthy weed, stand tall steadfast rose…you are worth it. Just. Be. You.

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