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Celebrities Who Stand up for Animals! This List Will Surprise You!

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In the tender year of 2016 many celebrities have stood up in the name of Animal Rights. While some of their fans see this as a publicity stunt the truth remains strong with the majority of these celebrities. Many of the true supporters have stood up long before they were in the lime is a life choice that they made based on personal beliefs and we salute them!


Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman has been a vegetarian for a very long time...He participated in the PETA campaign to ban fur from fashion and was the first man and the first "sports" star to participate in the "Rather Wear Nothing Than Fur" campaign. Rodman has been an animal rights activist for quite some time now and was a spokesman for PETA before it was a trendy celeb thing to do! He also took part in the "Ink Not Mink" movement...PETA’s iconic “Ink, Not Mink” campaign has recruited a long list of fur-free celebrities whose sleeves will always made of ink—and never covered in mink. No amount of needle time can compare to the pain that foxes, rabbits, coyotes, and even cats and dogs endure for the fur industry. 







Alec Baldwin is an active supporter of PETA and narrated a video for them called Meet Your Meat. He also does a lot of public appearances to raise awareness for the overall treatment of animal...specifically he speaks out about the circuses and animals in captivity.

Meet Your Meat is a 2002 documentary about factory farming created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), narrated by Alec Baldwin, and directed by Bruce Friedrich and Cem Akin. The documentary explores the treatment of animals in modern animal agriculture (also known as industrial agriculture or factory farming). The film runs 12 minutes long. The film documents several cases of cruelty to animals, including:

~Egg-laying hens live in crowded cages, six or seven hens to one battery cage the size of a file drawer.
~Cattle are castrated, their horns are removed and third-degree burns (livestock branding) are inflicted on them, all without anesthetic.
~Cows used for their milk have calves removed from them shortly after birth. These calves are sent to veal farms.
~Chickens bred and drugged to grow so quickly that their hearts, lungs, and limbs often can't keep up.
~Mother pigs (sows) are confined to gestation crates that are so small that the pigs cannot turn around or even lie down.
~Chickens' and turkeys' beaks are burned or cut off without anesthetic.

Meet Your Meat helped influence Burger King to adopt more humane policies

Way to go Alec!






Casey Kasem, the radio personality and voice over actor is a very outspoken vegan.  A great quote from Casey, simple and to the point:  “What’s terrific today is the idea that as a vegetarian you are not only making a contribution to the animals, but also to your health and the safety of the planet.” He is a member of Farm Animal Reform Movement, which promotes a vegan diet.





Pink, the singer, has posed for an anti-fur ad for PETA that helped promote the “no fur” movement. She has also written letters against the use of elephants for purposes such as circuses and zoos. Prince William asked Pink to perform at a party for his 21st birthday but she refused when she found out that he hunts.






Doris Day was an actress and singer who founded the Doris Day Animal League which works to reduce the pain and suffering of non-human animals through legislative initiatives. The organization has merged into the Humane Society of the United States and now runs Spay Day USA, a one-day spay/neuter event. Fantastic!



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