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ROCKY's Mason "The Line" Dixon: Antonio Tarver -- Plus pics of PAULIE at a Real TARVER Fight!

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Mason "The Line" Dixon

Here we go again...the production team with Sylvester Stallone at the helm loves to keep the characters genuine to the role they are playing...just like with Pedro Lovell (Spider Rico!) if you need an actor to play the role of a boxer why not use an ACTUAL BOXER?! Simple right?? Mason "The Line" Dixon is the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion in Rocky Balboa. Although at this point in the storyline his dominance is unpopular due to the lack of competition...that is until ESPN airs a computer simulation of a dream match of him losing to Rocky Balboa.  This notion raises the attention for Dixon's promoters to go forth with a real version of the match in Las Vegas...of course, some of the proceeds will be going to charity!




The big fight goes the full 10 rounds even though all of the predictions were pointing to Rocky getting beaten much earlier in the bout. During the second round, Dixon injures his left hand after punching Rocky in the hip and Rocky, noticing this, decides to take advantage of this injury throughout the rest of the fight. Dixon eventually wins by a narrow split decision which keeps his undefeated streak alive!




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