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ROCKY's Mason "The Line" Dixon: Antonio Tarver -- Plus pics of PAULIE at a Real TARVER Fight!

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In the 2006 installment of the Rocky franchise,  Rocky Balboa, champion Dixon fights former champion Rocky Balboa.  Balboa has decided to come out of retirement. Dixon wins the match by split decision and this was after he broke his hand in the second round of the fight. He still managed go at it with Rocky for the full 10 rounds which proved to the doubters that he has the heart of a champion. If you were to watch the DVD of the movie you would see analternate this version Rocky wins the split decision.


Dixon's record before the fight is 33-0 which includes 30 knockouts! On the DVD extras, writer and director Sylvester Stallone explains how he wanted to cast a real boxer in the role of Dixon, just as he has done in the past... he thought it would be easier to "teach a boxer how to act than to teach an actor how to box"...seems pretty obvious, eh?



(Another great shot of PAULIE at an actual TARVER bout! Paulie was there to give the boys some pointers!)


The Howard Stern Show, in an August 2010 interview with Stallone, indicated that Tarver refused to film his scene after the MGM had been rented out and filled with people already reaching very high costs. Stallone had to give Tarver a cut of his own salary just so they can get the filming done!
So what does all this look like when it approaches the big screen? Take a look at this exchange between ROCKY and DIXON...This isn't a look at the physical blows...this is a look at the on screen charisma between Stallone and Tarver...ENJOY!


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