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The Amazing Story behind DENNIS RODMAN: Detroit's 2nd Round Pick in 1986!

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So where did this rebounding wizard come from?? How does someone enter the draft and become that dominant that quickly?? While attending South Oak Cliff High School, Rodman was a gym class student of future Texas A&M basketball coach Gary Blair. Mr. Blair coached Dennis' sisters Debra and Kim, and they won three state championships. However, at the time Dennis wasn't considered much of an athletic standout. According to Rodman, he was "unable to hit a layup" and was listed on the high school basketball teams rosters but was either benched or cut from the teams when it came down to it




He was very short compared to the other high school athletes when he was a freshman, this led to him not making the football team and Dennis was "totally devastated". After finishing school, Rodman worked as an overnight janitor at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and it was at this time that he experienced a sudden growth spurt and decided to try basketball again despite becoming even more withdrawn because he felt awkward in his own body.

 In his off-time, though, he could be found at local basketball courts, where the now 6'7" player, was a force. Through a family friend, Rodman's new-found abilities soon caught the attention of the coaches at Cooke County Junior College in Gainesville, Texas. They quickly offered him the chance to attend the school and he accepted and to nobody's surprise, proved to be a dominant player for the college. Sadly, he couldn't keep up with the schoolwork and after a year, flunked out. Still, his play hadn't gone unnoticed, and he was soon invited to enroll at Southeastern Oklahoma State.

And, my-o-my, we are so glad that he did!

Rodman's on-the-court DOMINATION overwhelmed opponents, and during his three years at the school he averaged close to 26 points and 16 rebounds per game. In the 1986 NBA draft, the Detroit Pistons decided to give this machine a chance and he was drafted as a second round pick. And the rest, as they say, is history!


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