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What Happens When DENNIS RODMAN and SHAQ Start Pushing? Check It Out!

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It's always entertaining to look at key match-ups in the NBA...having the monsters of the game square off against each other whether it be a play of number chasing or just flat out dominance on the hardwood. Two huge names in the NBA game are Rodman and Shaq...obviously 2 giants and we aren't just talking stature, we are talking about overall knowledge of the game and the role they played night after night. Whenever these 2 met on the court something big was always in the making! Wherever Shaq was trying to go, Rodman would get there first. This is why Rodman got as many rebounds he did (and this applies not simply with Shaq but against everyone - but it's also why when Shaq posted up against Rodman, he was typically starting a bit further out than normal.) This means more work to get closer to the basket, which means more time, which translates to more teammates coming to protect against Shaq. Players surely grew with their adversaries and this, in part, is what makes the game so entertaining to watch!

It can be said that Shaq was possibly the most dominant physical specimen we've ever seen on basketball court...hands down. Young guys aren't always as dominant as the veterans. Young Shaq far exceeded veteran Shaq when it came to making his magical athletic plays in transition, when we talk about a player actually guarding Shaq, we're talking about the half-court. And strictly that. Now you pin someone with the firm and dominant stature as Dennis Rodman out there and we have the recipe for a matchup! While prime Rodman would have always been able to make Shaq work for his points, it's awfully hard to imagine him being the equal of, say, Dikembe Mutombo on this front. This truly came to light in 2011 when the peak version of the unstoppable Shaq train was put up against someone as strong as Mutombo! But this matchup is a little different...We aren't number chasing here...we are looking purely at The beast within! This is just a snapshot of a confrontation of two masters! Check this out!

Check out this confrontation!  Shaq and Rodman butt heads... but who takes The Worm down !?




Check it out as tempers flare... This is two different broadcasters' reaction. What's Scotty Pippen doing to help out this situation ? Let's go to the video...



You have to wonder... would the turnout of this confrontation have ended differently if we weren't dealing with Playoff Ball... Who would win this bout? Shaq VS The Worm ?? We will never find the answer... Playoff ball is a different breed of animal. So much is on the line as a year's worth of effort, salary and mission have all come down to this moment. Is it worth a 10 second mental flare up? Throwing all of your hardwork to the floor and walking away? Not on your life! I think the right decision was made here?? You make the call...still, it makes for great entertainment!




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