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DENNIS RODMAN: The Rise of the Bold and the Beautiful in San Antonio!

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“You can like me or you can hate me, all I know is one thing; when I step on this floor I’m gonna get things poppin.”

Shortly after that statement was executed, Dennis Rodman peeled back his cap at a Spurs' fan appreciation day to reveal a blonde mohawk to about 14,000 fans and it was a defining moment that will forever define the "bad boy" image forever carried by Dennis “the Worm” Rodman. Rodman was traded to the San Antonio Spurs, after a banner year in Detroit, before the 1993-94 season started. The Worm was psyched to be playing with the great David Robinson, Dale Ellis, Willie Anderson, and Vinny Del Negro...just to name a few!  In Rodman's first year in a Spurs sweater, he averaged 7.6 points/game as well as 16.8 rebounds/game which led him to his 3rd rebounding title and an All-Defensive team call up.


Looking strictly at the numbers would simply be enough to solidify why this baller ruled the hardwood and  close out any arguement as to who is king of the power-forwards. Numbers are facts and they simply don't lie and the tables were tilted with Rodman. However, there was much more to the overall presence of the magical Dennis Rodman...much more. He has been called many things over the decades but his obsession with true character was surely another shining star in this player's galaxy of excellence. Rodman was never afraid to express and promote pure individuality and this is a torch that the Hall of Famer still carries today! 


Some rumors and speculations claim that the leap into the dyed hair genre was due in part by boredom and a trip to the San Antonio mall with a lady friend. We all know that Dennis is no stranger with the ladies and I'm sure he turned a Saturday afternoon trip to the mall into a fun and tumble journey through silliness and adventure bearing a vividly colored headpiece! And a new fashion trend was born within the confines of Rodman's already eclectic universe! So we started this article with the memory of Rodman's blonde mohawk. Well, he was approached by a random fan who was a hairdresser “at least 6’8,  250 pounds, with mad hair;” was this stylist who put the idea into Rodman's ear about donning the new look of a blonde mohawk and a journey down the path of Bold and Beautiful began!


As many of us know, this was only the beginning! Throughout the course of Dennis Rodman's career we the fans have seen our hero through many of different stints of character and just about every color of the rainbow and beyond! From straight up solid color to silly patterns to animal prints. This was in part a sideshow that the fans looked forward to for it was always a spark of "something new" that kept us all on our toes! And how fun was it to watch the Worm taunt with the best of them sporting a lime green or leopard spotted dooooo??  A new breed of character was born unto the game that would forever help define the career of a young rebounding mastermind! His hardwood intimidation wasn't solely based on appearance, however, for he quickly grew into one of the most feared young rebounders ever to play the game!

At the start of the 1994-95 the Spurs fashioned a new incoming head coach Bob Hill, who was looking to drive this loaded roster to an NBA championship. At this time there were a couple of contributing factors hindering the strong progress of Rodman's dominant career.  A motorcycle injury from a drunk driving accident (and arrest) and managerial discrepancies, were to blame for Dennis Rodman’s playing time diminishing from 79 games and 51 starts in 1993-94, to 49 games and 26 starts in 1994-95...However, even when faced with this strong adversity his statistics didn’t suffer, and the Spurs reached the Western Conference Finals only to fall at the feet of the Houston Rockets.  As usual Rodman was facing a lot of speculation and finger pointing and was flat out being blamed for the loss, well, at least being a major contributing factor as to why they lost. This was in fact the beginning of the fated demise between Dennis Rodman and the city of San Antonio! There is a very memorable image in the eyes of many of fans:  Rodman in a San Antonio jersey holding up a towel with the words “I’m sorry, Please let me play,” written in sharpie...San Antonio was turning their backs to the maniacal misadventures of their once praised king of the hardwood...the tides had surely turned.

Yes...a star was born...but it was time to shine bright in a different night’s sky...greener pastures...turning the page...turning over a new leaf...moving on to:


(...and we all know what that means!)

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