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Dennis Rodman TOYS! Which one of these Collectibles do you have?

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Calling all collectors!! Have you seen some of these Dennis Rodman Action Figures? Collecting sports memorabilia has certainly become quite an economical venture since the inception of websites such as eBay... Some of these Rodman figures fetch some pretty high prices with online auctions! This is just a look at some of the RODMAN figures circulating the collector's circuit... Check out this collection! Often times when we see stories like this we kick ourselves for opening our toys back when we were kids! Too Funny! There are actually quite a few Dennis Rodman toys out there in circulation. Take a look at some of the greats!




1998 - Mattel - NBA Court Collection - NBA Super Stars Series - Dennis Rodman #91 - Chicago Bulls - Vintage Action Figure - Includes Upper Deck Trading Card - Red Uniform - Out of Production - Retired - Limited Edition-

For the most part these "toys" are out of production at this point so collectors are constantly scouring online auction sites. Once in a while these toys will show up in someone's Tag Sale and if you are lucky enough to find one SCOOP IT UP! Having action figures like this (still in original packaging) is like sitting on an investment piece. Over time the overall value is just going to rise!




"Bad As I Wanna Be" Action figure made by Street Players...He features interchangeable heads and clothes!

Upon original production some of these figure were intended for "play" and some were purely made with the collector in mind! This is definitely one of those pieces!




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