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NBA HOFers! A Little Reminder of how DENNIS RODMAN Ruled the Hardwood!

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On and off the court Dennis Rodman has certainly been in the spotlight! Sometimes his off-court antics have made the pot boil over...but let's focus on the hardwood...

The marriage between the Pistons and Dennis Rodman was, for a number of years, a great one. Rodman's arrival helped usher in a new era in Pistons basketball. Led by head coach, Chuck Daly, whom Rodman came to adore, and point guard Isiah Thomas, Detroit became one of the elite teams in the NBA. The club won the championship in 1989 and again in 1990.
Rodman was a big reason why. A fierce defender and tenacious rebounder, Rodman was selected to the 1990 NBA All-Star team and tapped as defensive player of the year that same season. In 1992 he won the first of seven consecutive rebounding crowns.

In 1993, following the retirement of Daly, Rodman's relationship with the Pistons organization soured and he was traded to the San Antonio Spurs. Prior to the 1995-96 season, Rodman was traded again, this time to the Chicago Bulls, where he'd go on to team up with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to win three consecutive NBA titles.
Following his tenure in Chicago, Rodman signed with the Los Angeles Lakers for a brief run late in the 1999 season. He concluded his playing career the following year with the Dallas Mavericks.
In all, Rodman would finish with five NBA championships, two All-Star appearances, and twice be named the league's top defensive player. In 2011, he was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.

A Little Reminder of why D-Rod Ruled the Hardwood:

1. Rodman led the NBA in total number of offensive rebounds in six seasons. He led the league in average rebounds per game in seven straight seasons.
2. He had more rebounds than points in 12 of his 14 NBA seasons. He scored more points than rebounds in his first two seasons and had more rebounds than points in a season in the remaining 12 seasons of his career.

3. Of the 38 players who have 10,000 or more career rebounds, Rodman and Ben Wallace are the only two players who have less than 10,000 points.
4. In his three years at Southeastern Oklahoma, Rodman averaged 26.0, 26.8 and 24.4 points per game. The most he ever averaged in an NBA season was 11.6, his second season in the league.

5. Never known as a significant offensive threat, Rodman led the league in field goal percentage in 1988-89 with a .595 field goal percentage.
6. Rodman had 20 or more rebounds in 159 NBA games. His teams had a 123-36 record (.774 winning percentage) in those games.
Bonus: Rodman is the oldest player in NBA history to lead the league in rebounding. He was 36 years old (and 341 days) when he led the NBA in rebounds in the 1997-98 season.


In Short...the Worm was prolific on the glass...Rodman led the NBA in offensive rebounds six times and total rebounds three times, and also earned two defensive player of the year awards. He proved to be the jewel of an otherwise cursed '86 draft -- he was one of just five All-Stars from the entire class -- and was rewarded for his efforts with an enshrinement in the Hall of Fame in 2011.


Has anyone ever gone after missed shots with more spirit than Rodman? Despite below average size at 6'8", 220lbs for a power forward, he led the league in rebounds seven straight years, usually by a landslide!



He also was one of the best defenders in NBA history... Throughout his career he has been able to hound and annoy players at all five positions. His increasingly outrageous antics obscured the fact that he had a tremendous basketball IQ. D ROD understood his role and played it to perfection and, oh, did we mention on five championship teams!? Two in Detroit, three in Chicago...Not--to--Shabby! You see him cover all corners of the court and basically knows how to lift his team up and rise to any occasion to get a job done. Often times when looking back at the hardwood career of Dennis Rodman I feel as though some of his true basketball gets back burnered just because he has some pretty outragous stories in the news. But as a fan of the game you simply must learn to seperate and realize that, especially after retirement, these players are in fact human beings and now they have a few bucks in their pockets. It comes back to the hard truth: Numbers don't lie. If you were to take a look at his statistics over the span of his career his numbers are simply staggering...It is quite honest wht he is in the Hall...Forget the headlines, We are talking basketball here...


And talk about memories: 

Dennis Rodman has been known throughout the NBA for some crazy moves...both on and off the court...But this Superman-Hong-Kong-Phooey Punch to Karl Malone is something you must see! No words for this...You simply have to watch this SUPERMAN PUNCH!! Though it can be said that h ewas somewhat of a target out there at times...But, honestly, this is pretty EPIC!


I guess that's what happens when you step into the wheel get knocked!

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