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"GET YOUR ICE COLD SODA...GET YOUR RED HOTS!! Wally thinks that he is about to start a job at Friends Lake as a life guard but when he gets there Mr. Burton informs him that the new rules state that you have to be at least 18 for life guard duties! Naturally, Wally is sad but Mr. Burton offers him a job selling soda pop and red hots... As Wally is walking the beach in his...ummmm...memorable uniform "barking" at the beach goers he sees Eddie with 2 girls... 


The 2 girls that he runs into with Eddie are Alma Hanson and who??

A. Julie Foster

B. Mary Ellen Rogers

C. Carolyn Stewart

D. Judy Hensler


ANSWER: B. Mary Ellen Rogers

Can you imagine Tony Dow not being able to be a lifeguard! We all know how Tony originally landed the role of Wally...of course, he was a champion swimmer at a very early age (in real life) so maybe Mr. Burton should have looked past the age rule and given the job to Wally...but, hey, he did get paid the same rate to sling the Red Hots...a job's a job eh?








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