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All New LEAVE IT TO BEAVER Game!! Play "Who Is It??"

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Ok this may be a tough one... sticking to the classic episode "Beaver and Ivanhoe" the new gang of KNIGHTS led by the Beaver go out on their first mission because Gilbert explained how this bully from the "Metzger's Avenues School" is always stepping on their marbles when they are trying to play...

What was the name of this Metzger Bully that the boys, errr, knights approach?


A. Billy Willis

B. Jimmy Johnson

C. Clyde Appleby

D. Reggie Young


ANSWER: C. Clyde Appleby

Well...Beav, you get an A for effort but things didn't turn out so well for the Beaver in this scuffle. Clyde was a lot bigger than him and sure tossed him around after he stepped on the Beav's marble. The Beaver's intentions were all for the good...But his Ivanhoe days were coming to an end! Clyde Appleby was played by Stephen Wootton...








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