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By the time we reach season six we are well into the ins and outs of teen dating with hearth throb Wally at the helm! In episode #5 from Season 6, "Double Date", Wally is about to listen to some records with Carolyn. As they are discussing their potential movie date Saturday night a problem occurs. The only remedy to this situation would be for Wally and Carolyn to go on a "double date"...

Who does Wally try to recruit for this double date?


A. Lumpy Rutherford

B. Eddie Haskell

C. The Beaver

D. Tooey Brown


ANSWER: C. The Beaver!

When Wally learns that his Saturday night movie date may be botched because his date, Carolyn Stewart, has to stay home and babysit her sister a genius plan goes into action...well, sort of. Wally wants the Beav to go on a double date with him (with Beaver taking Carolyn's sister out)...babysitting dilemma solved??? Poor Beaver...








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