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Speaking of this episode, "The Dramatic Club" from season 4...As you can imagine the Beaver is pretty nervous about what's on page 12 of the play's script...THE KISS! He pulls the girl aside who he is supposed to kiss (in the play) to have a little chat about the whole thing...

Who is the girl that the Beaver is supposed to kiss in the school play?

A. Violet Rutherford

B. Linda Dennison

C.Judy Hensler

D. Victoria Bennett


ANSWER: D. Victoria Bennett

...The Beaver sees Victoria in the hallway and asks her if they could have a quick chat...He asks her if she has been practicing her lines and if she read "page 12 near the bottom"...the part where the Beaver is supposed to kiss her! When the Beav asks her if she's going to go through with it she tells him that she thinks it's "creepy" but her mother is making her do it because she spent $4.98 on the costume! Too funny!




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