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All New LEAVE IT TO BEAVER Game!! Play "Who Is It??"

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Who remembers when Beaver rises to the challenge of the local bullies?? First he gets in a tussle with a fifth grader who is "pushing a woman"...the  "woman" turns out to be the fifth graders little sister and the girl lies and rats out the Beaver to Mr. Crawford the bus driver...Beaver decides to take matters into his own hands and get these street cleaned up. When he is at school recruiting some friends as "knights" to help him out on this mission,

Which female classmate is doubting Beaver's efforts and calling him chicken??


A. Judy Hensler

B. Linda Dennison

C. Violet Rutherford

D. Julie Foster


ANSWER: A. JUDY!! Of Course!


Before this even happens in the hallway Judy is quick to point out in the classroom that it was Beaver who got into the scuffle when Miss Landers is explaining the situation to the class...good ol Judy...honestly I think her character was top notch!




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