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Play the Leave it to Beaver EPISODE GAME! All New Challenge from Tony Dow!

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In this episode June buys a "toy for a baby...not a ten year old...". David Manning would surely be upset about this! Also, Beaver has been watching a road-tarring-crew and has to quickly take a bath...What episode are we watching here?


A. Water, Anyone?

B. Forgotten Party

C. Cleaning up Beaver

D. Beaver's Old Friend



Answer: B. Forgotten Party

The Beav gets an invite to a birthday party from his old pal, David Manning...David is a boy he used to go to school with but the Beaver hasn't seen him in quite some time. The Beaver is the only friend that David is allowed to invite from his old school. But by the time the day of the party comes, Beaver has forgotten all about it! Instead is out having fun with Larry and playing with his new camera...June gets the phone call from David's mom and quickly has to remedy this situation! She goes and buys a "gift for a baby" and when they find the Beav he is quite filthy from watching a road-tarring crew and has to take a super-fast bath...ohh good times!


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