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Animated Short Film about Dennis Rodman from NBC's "Cptr'd"

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Right off the bat we see the word "animated" in the title and we are talking about Dennis Rodman! The Worm has certainly found a way over the decades to be quite animated and his fans truly remember that about him! It is his antics over the years, both on and off the court, that have been so fun to watch! Hey, life is short so let's embrace what some may call strange or diferent and embrace it! It is great to stand out especially when you are truly just being yourself! And we all know that Dennis is so good at doing just that!

Back on October 29, 2015, NBC Sports Group announced the launch of CPTR’D (Captured), a new sports short-form feature contest open to filmmakers of all levels who aspire to follow NBC Sports’ Emmy Award-winning storytelling heritage. Select short-form feature submissions were to be presented across NBC Sports Group’s digital platforms, and the winning CPTR’D project would be telecast on NBCSN and will win $10,000! Not Bad eh?

An animated short film about a fan's encounter with Dennis Rodman was a finalist for a film contest. The animated short was by Jason Gilmore.

"Me, My Mom and Dennis Rodman"  is one of five finalists for NBC's "CPTR’D" (as in "captured") sports short-form feature contest. Jason Gilmore directs the feature about the day he and his mother met his idol, Dennis Rodman, then a member of the "Bad Boys" Detroit Pistons, at the airport as a teenager.

"My mom grabs him by the shoulder, yanks him around, and asks, 'Are you Dennis Rodman," Gilmore narrates. "And he's like, 'Um, yes.' "

“Storytelling is part of the DNA of NBC Sports Group. CPTR’D allows NBC Sports to reward and encourage filmmakers of all levels, and give them an opportunity to share their stories with a national audience,” said Ron Wechsler, Senior Vice President, Original Productions, NBC Sports Group. “We are excited to launch CPTR’D, and offer this new and unique content to our viewers.”

Five CPTR’D finalists would be announced on February 4, 2016. The films would be posted on Beginning that day, visitors to the site would be able to view all finalist selections and vote for their favorite project. All judging of initial CPTR’D submissions would be done by a panel of NBC Sports Group executives, as well as sports and entertainment industry influencers. The first through fifth-place selections would be decided by a collaboration of public and judges votes.

All five CPTR’D finalists would receive an all-expense paid trip to Austin, Texas to attend a CPTR’D watch party. First, second and third-place winners of CPTR’D were to be announced on March 9, 2016. The second-place finisher would win a camera gear bundle worth $2,500, and third place would win a $1,000 gift card.

Other projects include, "En Garde!" about a 12-year-old fencing student from Harlem; "Going the Distance," a tribute to the Penn Relays; "Queens & Knights," about a gay-inclusive rugby team; and "Not Just Strong for a Girl," a feature about Boston University power lifter Molly Kelly. Fans were able to  vote for their favorite project at through March 9, of 2016...

The $10,000 first prize was awarded to Sandra Chuma and Nyasha Kadandara, whose film Queens and Nights is the story of an LGBTQ rugby team that challenged perceptions of masculinity and athleticism through camaraderie and acceptance. Such a great program that many people would love to see return!

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